Bronze Sculptures


"Homage to Hanoch Levin" Serigraphs Portfolio 2010

Kafka  Artist's Book 1996


Natan Zach Poems Artist's Book 1996


"A Coat Made of Wind" Arturo Schwarz Artist's Book 1996


"Deutschland - Ein Wintermarchen" Henrich Heine Artist's Book 1996

"Von Armen B.B" Bertlot Brecht Artist's Book 1996


"Dreigroschenoper" Bertlot Brecht Artist's Book 1996


"Ajax Zum Beispiel" Hiner Muller Artist's Book 1996


"Aurelia Memorables" Gerard De Nerval Artist's Book 1996


"Cinq Chansons" Georges Brassens Artist's Book 1996


"Book of Zaccaria" Artist's Book 1996


"Todesfuge" Paul Celan Artist's Book 1995


"Polyhedron" Serigraphs 1975


"Travel Log" Serigraphs Portfolio 1973

"War" Mixed Media Etchings Portfolio 1973


"Crucifixion" Mixed Media Etchings Portfolio 1973




Peter Martin Gregor Heinrich Hellberg (later Igael Tumarkin) was born in Dresden, Germany. After completing his military service, he studied sculpture in Ein Hod, a village of artists near Mount Carmel

Among Tumarkin's best known works are the Holocaust and Revival memorial in Rabin SquareTel Aviv and his sculptures commemorate fallen soldiers in the Negev.

Tumarkin is also an art theoretician and stage designer. In the 1950s, Tumarkin worked in East Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris. Upon his return to Israel in 1961, he became a driving force behind the break from the charismatic monopoly of lyric abstraction there. Tumarkin created assemblages of found objects, generally with violent expressionist undertones and decidedly unlyrical color. His determination to "be different" influenced his younger Israeli colleagues. The furor generated around Tumarkin's works, such as the old pair of trousers stuck to one of his pictures, intensified the mystique surrounding him. 

Elizabeth Bergner 8, Jaffa, Israel
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