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“The Gospel According to Thomas”
Artist's Book, 2000.

Portfolio of 12 Terragraph prints (red sand, lacquer, glue) 4 pages of text in Hebrew.
Arches paper 320 gm.
80 x 120 cm.
Limited edition of 38.
Signed and numbered on each page by the artist.
Housing: Wooden box. 
Edited by Har-El Printers and Publishers

"To the builders"
Artist's Book, 2002.

24 Screenprints & Terragraphs. 

65 x 92 cm.
Arches 270g paper.
Signed and numbered on each print.

Edition of 40.

Artist's Book, 2010.

The artist book "Levitikus" contains 12 original graphics, created by Hermann Nitsch. The atelier of Har-El in Jaffa has produced these editions in silkscreen and terragraph technique. "Levitikus" is printed on Coventry rag paper 400gm, dimensions 135 x 90 cm. Hebrew text in Frank Ruehl font and German text in Minion font, in Martin Luther Version.
The book is in a limited edition of 16, numbered 1/16-16/16; A.P.s numbered I/III-III/III; 2 H.C.; 1 P.P. All images are signed by the artist and bound in linen, June 2010.

There is also a limited edition of 30, printed on Canvas, 135 x 90 cm., each hand signed on reverse.
Artist's Book, 2023.
The artist book “Changes” consists of fourteen monotypes by Esther Kläs, signed and numbered by the artist. The dimensions are 66.5 x 94 cm. The edition consists of 14 copies numbered 1/14 to 14/14. In addition, there are 2 Artists’ Proofs (Marked A.P.). Printed and published by the Har-El print workshop in Jaffa.
Artist's Book, 1997. 

Author: Allen Ginsberg (USA, 1926-1997) with Authorized translation into Hebrew by Natan Zach, in close cooperation with the author in New York.

Specifications: 54 x 76 cm; 24 serigraphs opposite texts in English and Hebrew on Johannot 160 g paper. 
24 black and white serigraph images on hand-laid golden metal foil leaf. 
Housing: Beige linen box. 
Edition of 48; numbered 1/48-48/48; AP 5; HC 5; PP 5.
Font: Frank Ruehl
"Das Buch Hiob" 
Artist's Book, 2007. 

47 Hand-signed original graphics for the text "The Book of Job" / "Das Buch Hiob."
Text in German and Hebrew.
Edition of 99.
Gunther Uecker created film separations on acetate.
The prints were produced in the Har-El workshop in Jaffa, in Silkscreen and Terragraph.
Artist's Book, 1998. 

Artist's Book/Screenprints Portfolio, 1990. 

Specifications: 40 x 60 cm, 32 pages. 
Images: 32 prints. 
Housing: bound in a blue linen Book. 
Edition: 75 signed and numbered on colophon
110 singles signed and numbered on each print.
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