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March 9, 2023 - April 14, 2023

Gallery Har-El in collaboration with Daniel Milman

Moshe Gershuni  Monica Bonvicini  Louise Bourgeois  Erica Baum

Anne Collier  Kaye Donachie  Michal Helfman  Esther Kläs  Ellsworth Kelly  

Jonathan Monk  Daniel Richter  Yana Rotner  Cy Twombly  Rachel Whiteread 

Naama Tsabar  Alex Katz  Raffi Lavie  Sigalit Landau



Daniel Milman

A woman is crying (Anne Collier) of rage, of frustration, of humiliation.

What can she do?

She can put her arm in the “bocca della verita”, the mouth of truth (Naama Tsabar) and hope she will find out

something about herself.

She can sit in a corner of the room and try to make herself “invisible as music” (Kaye Donachie) and let the

shadows of the clouds float across her face, her body.

She can hope someone sensitive enough will bring her a “powder rose” (Yana Rotner), because this is the only

flower she can tolerate.

Maybe she can try to cry green tears and smear them on a canvas (Cy Twombly)

Or the temptation to flee it all aboard a white boat (Raffi Lavie) sailing on the White Sea.

Otherwise, she can try, like Ava Gardner, to push a (green) cloud. (Sigalit Landau).

Does she cry because the heart has its reasons (Louise Bourgeois), which reason ignores?

And since reason is lost, what else to do than drink from a bottle extracted from a cardboard box (Rachel


And then, solace maybe, lying on the grass and contemplating the stars (Louise Bourgeois), darkness itself

(Moshe Gershuni) or the gyrating movement of our galaxy (Esther Kläs).

But after the drinking comes the pain and the depression seems to invade the surroundings (Ellsworth Kelly),

her entire world.

So it will be hatred (Daniel Richter) ….. but you are so beautiful when you hate me.

Rage maybe? Tearing apart the Styrofoam and leaving it lying on the floor (Jonathan Monk), the only witness of

her pain.

She could try to be calm and serene, hiding the anger, and allowing the great painter to draw her portrait wearing

a straw hat (Alex Katz).

But no, what she wants is to turn herself into a vase, but even so, the black powder of dynamite would reveal

the true nature of the object (Michal Helfman).

Maybe she could try to hide behind a beige wall and be pink like the wall behind her (Erica Baum), turn into a

chameleon and finally be invisible.

A woman cries and we stare at her, because when she cries she is beautiful and still….. we don’t know why she

cries but we cannot stop staring at her and in spite of her tears we look at her as an object, a work of art.

Is she a Muse?

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