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Gunther Uecker, Im Kreis Gehen, Ouroboros, January 2018

The exhibition, entitled Walking the Circle – Ouroboros ( Im Kreis gehen – Ouroboros) derives from the act of walking in a circular mode.  An action which binds between the concrete and the abstract, enacting the eternal return.   During the 1950’s Gunther Uecker developed an interest in repetition and ceremony creating his own rituals in sculpture and painting.  His iconic signature works include hammering nails in a meditative manner.  


These new works to be shown in Jaffa are a continuing development of works he created for the artist book ‘The Book of Job’, in 2009 with Har-El Printers & Publishers, which is on permanent display in the Deutsche Bundestag Berlin, as part of his installation work -  a multidenominational meditation room.

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