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The artist book "Levitikus" contains 12 original graphics, created by Hermann Nitsch. The atelier of Har-El in Jaffa has produced these editions in silkscreen and terragraph technique. "Levitikus" is printed on Coventry rag paper 400gm, dimensions 135 x 90 cm. Hebrew text in Frank Ruehl font and German text in Minion font, in Martin Luther Version.
The book is in a limited edition of 16, numbered 1/16-16/16; A.P.s numbered I/III-III/III; 2 H.C.; 1 P.P. All images are signed by the artist and bound in linen, June 2010.

There is also a limited edition of 30, printed on Canvas, 135 x 90 cm., each hand signed on reverse.

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