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Avner Ben Gal, Eitan Ben Moshe, Matthew Day Jackson, Andy Hope1930, Matti Harel, Erwin Wurm, Sigalit Landau, Avi Nevo, Moshe Ninio, Ruth Nemet, Jannis Kounellis, Adam Rabinowitz, Daniel Richter, Toni Schmale
June 14th - August 12th 2018
Gallery View, Mountain Energei, June 2018


Gallery Har-El will present a group exhibition Mountain Energei, with 7 Israeli and 7 International artists, showing works in different media.
The seeds for this exhibition relate to the song by the same name, by the late 70s post punk  band, The Fall.


The song’s chorus is used as the motto for the show, a kind of malfunctioning haiku, or diagram pointing at two elements of Nature, Water and the Mountain, relating one to the other. There is a further element – a tree - which blocks the ‘natural flow’. Space and Time confront the spectator.
The exhibition Mountain Energei (the spelling error is on purpose) moves around the subject of being in front of Nature and the World. Is Nature as a cultural concept created by Man?
In some of the works shown, the malfunction is exposed and in others there is longing for an Utopian state of things, which will contain the blocking of the ‘natural flow’.


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