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"I Know Nothing of the End" 
The artist book, "I Know Nothing of the End," is composed of single, unpunctuated sentences, drawn out with a single line accompanying each image.  The text describes a scene surrounding a death ritual involving the ashes of the deceased being stored outside the family home for thirteen days in a terracotta pot covered with white cloth.  The photographic etchings were taken from film stills from footage in an Indian home. The images of a domestic setting, when rendered in black and white elicit the latent cinematic within the everyday, and the potential of a narrative through setting, lighting, atmosphere, objects and detail.


This artist book contains 23 photo etchings printed on Coventry 340 gm paper.

21 x 37 cm

Edition of 16, plus 2 AP, 2 HC and 1 PP 

Signed by the artist

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