Emil Schumacher


Artist's Book  1999
40 x 80 cm

Images: 18 prints, Serigraphs and Terragraphs

Text: the Book of Genesis in German & Hebrew  

Housing: folded in lacquered Cherry wood box, or bound in a linen and leather Book. Edition of 20, signed and numbered on each print, 100 signed and numbered on colophon, 12 A.P, 5 H.C. 

 Günther Förg

"To the builders"
Artist's Book 2002

24 Serigraphs & Terragraphs

65 x 92 cm

Arches 270 g paper
Signed and numbered on each print

Edition 40

Stephan Balkenhol

“the task of solitary man”

Artist's Book 2003

29 screen prints on Maple Veneer, mounted on paper. 31 pages size 40 x 80 cm. Text by E.M Cioran; in 3 different versions, English, French and German
Housing: either bound in green linen binding, or cased in cherry-wood box.

Edition 50 in English, 50 in French, 50 in German 

signed and numbered by the artist on each print.

Moshe Kupferman

Artist's Book 1998


Elizabeth Bergner 8, Jaffa, Israel
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