In May 2008, Donald Sultan completed a colorful exciting new project, "Wall Flowers", an artist book containing 35 screen prints, in an edition of 190. The work took about 18 months to create. Sultan spent 3 weeks in 2007 in the print workshop of Jacob and Monique Har-El in Jaffa, preparing the 35 flower images, which form the artist book "Wall Flowers". He combined his visits with travel to the Negev Desert, Jerusalem, the Galilee and also to Petra in Jordan,. This was an ambitious project to print, more than 150 colors in screen print. The images measure 61.5 x 54.5 cm; part of the edition is bound in linen and part is in portfolio format, for exhibition purposes. Sultan himself wrote a descriptive text and the colophon is accompanied by a text by his daughter Frances Sultan. .


Gallery Har-El
Elizabeth Bergner 8, Jaffa, Israel
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